Mar 15

Ignatian Scholars Speakers Series Marches On

On Friday, March 9, Carrie DeBoy Krodel ’90 spoke to the Ignatian Scholars about her career as an Engineering Consultant at Eli Lilly and what her path was to get to where she is now. Carrie engaged her audience by peppering them with questions and also imparted the following valuable advice to the Scholars:

  • Find your personal connection to why you get up everyday and do your job.
  • Utilize your summers to gain experience in the field you’re interested in because that is what colleges and future employers are looking for.
  • Work hard now. The work you put in now will ensure that your life as an adult will be easier.
  • Know you audience. Know who you are speaking to and use the appropriate language and manner when you speak to them.
  • The ability to communicate effectively, both in verbal and written form, is the main skill that Carrie looks for when she is hiring someone out of college.
  • When working with people, remember the perspective of where someone is coming from.

We want to thank Carrie for taking time out of her busy schedule to speak to the Ignatian Scholars and we hope she comes back to visit us again soon! Carrie’s bio is below.

Carrie DeBoy Krodel is a 1990 graduate of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, a 1994 graduate from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology and a 1999 graduate from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Master of Business Administration.

Carrie has been working in the Manufacturing Industry in business for nearly 24 years with vast experiences touching on Automotive, Aerospace, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing specializing in Quality, Maintenance, and Reliability related roles in various Leadership roles.

Carrie is also a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, as well as a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional.

Carrie lives in Danville with her husband, three Labs, three cats, and four kids in the Indianapolis area.