Nov 20

Indiana Department of Education 2017-18 School Accountability Grades

Last week, the Indiana Department of Education released its 2017-18 School Accountability Grades. We were pleased to see that Brebeuf Jesuit received an “A” grade, as we have in every year that the state’s grading system has been in place.

The letter grades for high schools are calculated from several factors:

  • Student performance on the ISTEP+ tests. Brebeuf Jesuit had the highest passing rate of any high school in the Indianapolis region on these tests in 2018.
  • Student growth in their scores over multiple ISTEP+ exams. Brebeuf’s growth score was also one of the highest in the region. This means that we not only begin with talented students in the door as freshmen, but we help them make large strides in their academic skills while they are here.
  • Graduation rate. Our graduation rate is very high. Our goals for our students extend far beyond graduation, and this creates a student culture where graduation and post-graduate success are the norms.
  • College & Career readiness indicators. For Brebeuf Jesuit’s program, this includes passing rates on the Advanced Placement (AP) exams as well as our dual credit courses with Indiana University. The trend at Brebeuf Jesuit has been increasing numbers of students taking AP exams, along with steady or increasing success on students’ AP exam performance.

A weighted combination of these factors then produces an overall score, which corresponds to the school’s accountability grade.

Brebeuf Jesuit’s overall score was the highest of any high school in the Indianapolis region, and second of all high schools in the entire state.

As you know, as a Jesuit school, our goals for our students extend far beyond these metrics. This state accountability grade gives one picture of the strength of our academic program, which is a key part of the education of the whole person.

I want to congratulate our students for their performance, for their hard work in the classes and for their learning. I also want to recognize and applaud our faculty and staff, whose skill and caring every day put our students in this position for success. On this Thanksgiving week, I am grateful to be a part of a school community that has such a positive impact.

For more information on the Indiana Department of Education’s School Accountability Grades, please see:

Greg VanSlambrook