Jan 27

Jesuit Conference Denounces Plans to Increase Detention and Deportation

Posted below is a message Brebeuf Jesuit received from John Sealey, Provincial Assistant for Social and International Ministries of the Chicago-Detroit & Wisconsin Provinces of  the Society of Jesus.

Brebeuf Jesuit felt it was important to share with our community.

“This Jesuit Conference statement went out last evening. The timing followed soon after the USCCB announcement/advocacy request was posted yesterday afternoon.

As you can see, it does a good job summarizing the recent Executive Orders, backing up our opposition with some research, supporting our faith position by quoting Pope Francis, and calling for people of faith to express their conscience to elected officials.

Yesterday afternoon, this USCCB advocacy request offers a good and timely way to do this…. Bishop Vasquez, Chair of the Committee on Migration and Bishop of Austin gave these remarks on behalf of the USCCB.