Sep 17

Join Us Next Week for Philanthropy Week!

As you know, each fall our Brebeuf Jesuit community unites to support The Brebeuf Fund in an inspiring one-week effort, highlighting the importance of philanthropy and its role in being men and women for others during Philanthropy Week.

Philanthropy Week begins on Monday, September 21 and ends with Giving Day on Friday, September 25.  Last year, your gifts raised more than $140,000 providing the necessary resources to ensure our Brebeuf Jesuit faculty and staff provide the formative, exceptional Brebeuf Jesuit educational experience – through strong college preparatory academics and teaching, spiritual growth opportunities, financial aid and scholarships for those in need, and supporting the operations of buildings, grounds, and campus.

Every gift to The Brebeuf Fund ensures we are able to remain true to the mission of Brebeuf, to the principles of St. Ignatius, educating all of our gifted and capable students, regardless of financial circumstance. And now more than ever, with the uncertainty that this year brings, we are relying on the strength of our community to support our important work in forming men and women for others.

Here’s how you can help us celebrate Giving Day:

  1. Give a Gift! Help us reach our goal of 250 donors on Giving Day by making a gift to The Brebeuf Fund. Gifts received now until through Giving Day on September 25 will be counted in our #BrebeufGives Philanthropy Week totals. Visit to make your gift online.
  2. Share Your Story! Tell the world what it means to you to be a part of the Brebeuf Jesuit community and why you give by using the hashtag, #BrebeufGives.

Celebrating Philanthropy with Brian Martindale ‘15

Tell us a bit about you and what led you to where you are today.

I entered the Jesuits on August 15 of this year as a Jesuit novice. I began thinking about joining the Jesuits during my senior year at Brebeuf, and continued to discern throughout my time at Marquette University and as a Jesuit Volunteer. Throughout this time, I engaged in service opportunities and faith formation to deepen my relationship with God and others. In doing so, I became more aware of my own desires for a life of service and justice, deep prayer, simple living, and community which I felt could be best found with the Jesuits. It certainly wasn’t always a clear path, but as I got to know myself better before God, the call to join the Jesuits became much more obvious.

I certainly wouldn’t be here without my time at Brebeuf. It was there that I first learned about the Jesuits and who they were. A few particular instances stick out. My junior year, I took a spring break trip to El Salvador through the community service office that introduced me very concretely to the possibilities of faith and justice working together. By seeing the witness of Oscar Romero, the UCA martyrs, and the common people of El Salvador, I realized the importance of solidarity, a faith that does justice, and the possibility for meaningful change arising from the acknowledgment of the dignity of all people.

Why is a Jesuit education important to you?

Jesuit education is important because it involves not only the development of the intellect, but the development of the whole person, cura personalis. I received incredible instruction in the classroom at Brebeuf and incredible preparation for college, but the unique value of Jesuit education is that it doesn’t stop there. I also learned how to engage with people whose background differed from my own. I learned what role I could play in creating a more just society. I was invited to explore my spirituality in the context of the world, expanding my experience of the Divine in ways I couldn’t have guessed. I was prepared not only for college classes and employment, but prepared to live a life of meaning and service. I think this is the truest value of a Jesuit education.

Why is giving/philanthropy especially important during this time?

We are living in a time where our world is deeply in need. There is a lot of hurt in our world, and the Brebeuf community has the potential to invite healing into the world in multiple ways. By making a Brebeuf education more accessible, we can be agents of change, overcoming structural issues that might otherwise prevent some individuals from receiving something so important, an education. In addition, Brebeuf has the opportunity to form change-makers to bring a willing spirit and creative solutions to many of the difficulties facing our world. By supporting this community, it is supporting the creation of a more just world directly, by support of making a fantastic education more accessible, and indirectly by supporting the next generation who will in turn seek to create a more just world themselves.

Thank you Brian for your continued support of Brebeuf Jesuit! Please join him in supporting Brebeuf Jesuit by sharing “Why I give?” on social media with the hashtag #BrebeufGives.