Members of the Brebeuf Jesuit Model UN team traveled to Ohio Northern University and competed in their first competition of the year. Brebeuf students had a great showing and took home a number of awards.

Students receiving conference honorable mentions include Xavier Porter, Casey Rector, Cam Durm (New Zealand), Caroline Todd, Sohaib Afzal, Carter Bice (Denmark) and Nadine Templeton, Nathan Nouri, and Grant Whitsett (Portugal). Caroline Todd also took home an individual award for “Distinguished Delegate.”

Senior Nathan Nuori shares…

Model UN presents a learning opportunity that forces you to be empathetic and [understand other perspectives]. Not only that, Model UN helps to explain the benefits and flaws of democracy through an experience rather than a [classroom lecture]. The most important benefit…that it helps you to begin to formulate ideas on how to solve our world’s most pressing issues.

Be sure to congratulate and celebrate these students as they continue to develop and showcase these skills.