Oct 12

Month of Magis Donor Story – The Humbert Family

Since 2014, when AJ (now a sophomore at Indiana University) stepped foot onto Brebeuf Jesuit’s campus as a freshman, the Humbert family has affectionately called our community home.  They have shared their time, talent, and treasure with Brebeuf, dedicating hundreds of hours as part of our Mother’s Association, as a Bistro Chair, and a Dad’s Club member.  Through her desire to bring Ignatian spirituality to our parents and families, Micki has provided leadership and guidance to the Mother’s Interfaith Prayer Group.  We are incredibly grateful for the dedication both Micki and Butch have shared, and the beautiful legacy that AJ, Max and soon to be graduate, Sarah, have left behind as “men and women for others.”  Thank you for your generous reflections and your ongoing commitment to Brebeuf Jesuit.  

Butch Humbert – St. Xavier 1989

I first heard the phrase ‘man for others’ over 30 years ago when I entered St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati. The values exemplified by that phrase, and reinforced by my own Jesuit education, helped forge my path to success in life.  Many years later, when we began thinking about where to send our children to high school, I knew that I wanted them to have a similar experience.  It would help position them for success moving forward, for future achievement and unique opportunities.  We are blessed that we are financially capable of sending them to Brebeuf.  All students benefit from a Brebeuf education, but not all can afford to attend.  Giving to the school provides an opportunity for students who otherwise would not be able to attend, to have that shared experience.  I have lived my life as a ‘man for others’ and giving to Brebeuf is one example of how I can continue to serve.  

Micki Humbert

Initially, I was the one who resisted sending the kids to private school. I attended Catholic high school and, unlike Butch, it was not the best experience for me. Plus, we live in a school district that is one of the top in the state. It was hard for me to fathom spending that kind of money on a high school education.  However, not long after AJ began his Freshman year, I realized we had truly made an investment in every aspect of his life. It is so much more than an education. By AJ’s sophomore year, I realized that if we wanted our other two kids to attend Brebeuf, we needed to invest ourselves in the community. I quickly became involved in the Mother’s Association. I attended the monthly meetings, signed up to help and ultimately co-chair Bistro, attended the monthly Interfaith Reflection Group meetings and eventually came to lead the group.  I  helped with the annual toy drive, started tailgating before the football games so Max and Sarah also had the opportunity to meet new kids within the community. We have always considered ourselves fortunate to have wonderful friends, but the relationships we have made through Brebeuf have been a true testament of God’s incredible blessings.  All 5 of our lives have been deeply enriched by these friendships.

By sending our kids to Brebeuf, my own faith has grown leaps and bounds. God has lead me on a journey to  others,   I am learning not only about the Catholic faith, but about other faiths and cultures. With the understanding of differences comes acceptance and growth as a person. Who would have thought that as a parent, I would be led on my own faith journey?

The leadership of Brebeuf is exceptional. Every decision is made with detailed thought for the students, faculty and parents.

The saying” it is better to give than it is to receive” could not hold more truth. It feels good to give. We are called to give. When you know it is to help allow the teacher’s pay to remain competitive so the fantastic faculty at Brebeuf can support their families, or when you know your gift will be giving a life changing opportunity to a child that would otherwise not have it available to them, that its truly answering the call as a “man or woman for other.”


AJ – Class of 2018

I’m glad I went to brebeuf because of the people that I met, both classmates and faculty. I felt like I was making new friends every year, and I felt like I had some sort of relationship with all of my classmates. I learned how to interact with teachers, which has helped me a lot in college with professors and also in my interactions with older teammates/coaches. I feel like Brebeuf made me a lot more mature as a student and as a man, and has  allowed me to explore a little more freedom than typical high schools, which prepared me well for the independence of college.

Max – Class of 2020

I’m glad I went to Brebeuf because it gave me a second family while I was at school. You build relationships that will last lifetimes, whether it is students or teachers.  I gained new insight and a way to look at life while strengthening my relationship with God and those around me.

Sarah – Class of 2021

I am so glad that I went to Brebeuf because of the meaningful relationships that I have made. My teachers have never been more caring, attentive and determined to see me succeed. I see them as friends rather than authoritative figures. I am constantly being challenged by my school work and learn so much every day. I have learned to be a better person and student by coming to Brebeuf.