Magis (pronounced “màh-gis”) is a Latin word that means “more.” It is related to Ad majorem Dei gloriam, a Latin phrase meaning “for the greater glory of God.” Magis refers to the philosophy of doing more, for Christ, and therefore doing more for others. Through our series entitled “Magis Moments,”  we are highlighting the people and programs, supported by our leadership donors, that go above and beyond to serve our community “for the greater glory of God.”


Members of the Magis Society are a part of an extraordinary group whose unwavering support strengthens the mission of Brebeuf and the development of current and  future Braves.  It is our privilege to highlight members of this pivotal group and share our appreciation for the many ways they serve our community “for the greater glory of God.”


Every gift makes an immediate and lasting impact for our students, school and community, and we are so grateful to have this opportunity to showcase the importance of you, our Magis Society donors.  Cumulative giving of $1,500 or more to The Brebeuf Fund each fiscal year allows alumni, friends, parents and families to be recognized as Magis Society members.

There are several ways to make a gift to The Brebeuf Fund, and many influential combinations in which to reach your cumulative gift of $1,500 for Magis Society level.

Online Giving

Online giving provides a quick and secure way to make a gift to Brebeuf Jesuit.  Brebeuf gladly accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Please click here to make an online contribution.

Cash or Check

Cash gifts and checks may be mailed to:
Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
Attn:    Magis Society
2801 West 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Please make checks payable to Brebeuf Jesuit and be sure to indicate your giving designation in the memo line (i.e. The Brebeuf Fund).

Scholarship Granting Organization “SGO”

A Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) is a state-certified 501(c)(3) that administers the Indiana Tax Credit Scholarship Program and awards financial assistance to Indiana students (K-12) who do not have the economic means to attend a private school like Brebeuf Jesuit. Contributions made through an SGO feature a 50% state tax credit to all Indiana residents and corporations.

Please click here to read more about this vehicle of giving. 

Matching Gifts

A number of employers participate in a matching gift program, granting you the opportunity to double or even triple your contribution to Brebeuf Jesuit.  Find out if your company participates in matching gifts below.

Gifts of Stock

Giving appreciated stock to Brebeuf is a strategic way to avoid capital gains taxes, while supporting our mission and students.  Instructions for stock giving are here.

Honor/Memorial Gifts

A gift to Brebeuf Jesuit is a lovely way to honor or remember a loved one, special faculty or staff member, or a classmate.


Pledges to Brebeuf Jesuit can be made at any time and may be paid in any manner of installments, so long as the pledge is fulfilled by June 30 of the fiscal year. Click here to submit a pledge.


Direct gifts to The Brebeuf Fund

The Brebeuf Fund is an unrestricted fund, providing Brebeuf Jesuit faculty and staff the necessary resources to put our mission into action – with exceptional academics and teaching, spiritual growth opportunities, financial aid and scholarships for those in need, and supporting the operations of buildings, grounds, and campus. Every gift to The Brebeuf Fund has the power to enhance the experience of ALL Brebeuf Jesuit students as well as the remarkable work of Brebeuf Jesuit faculty and staff.  This year’s goal of $1.6 million helps to support the programs, clubs, and activities you love most.

Event Sponsorships

Each year, the Brebeuf Jesuit Advancement Team, along with the Mother’s Association, hosts a variety of events to support the mission, programs, and faculty/staff making a difference.  The receipted amount of every sponsorship (from the events listed below) goes to support The Brebeuf Fund.

  • Brebeuf Bistro

Hosted by the Brebeuf Jesuit Mothers Association, Bistro is Brebeuf’s largest annual fundraiser and a night not to be missed! With a new, exciting theme each year, Bistro offers guests the opportunity to bid on fabulous live and silent auction items, enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and join together as a community for the betterment of Brebeuf. Join us in February for this annual event.

  • Trivia Night

The Brebeuf Jesuit Trivia Night, hosted by the Mother’s Association, is a fun and engaging evening that challenges parents and alumni to answer some of life’s toughest questions – “who played Rizzo in the movie musical, Grease?” “Which NFL tight-end has the most Super Bowl rings?” Contestants bring creativity and energy, supporting their favorite school, Brebeuf Jesuit, along with their favorite friends.