Seven months ago, the world came to a halt. Restaurants closed, public spaces were shut down and school went virtual. While most picked up the fine art of baking banana bread or binge-watching Friends for the 87th time, senior Michael Beaty took to the screen to educate the world on one of his passions – the ocean. ‘Ocean Mike’ began as a fun way to pass the time while Michael was stuck at home, but has since garnered over 200 subscribers and features multiple episodes each week that are both fun and informative.

We sat down with Ocean Mike to learn more about what encouraged him to start his own Youtube show.

You recently started a Youtube show called “Ocean Mike.” Tell us a bit about your show.

It’s a family friendly educational channel where I teach anyone who wants to listen and learn about marine life. Each day I make a video titled “Fish of the day” where I showcase a different fish each day that people suggest to me. On Wednesdays I livestream “Wicked Fish Wednesday,” where I teach about mythical and prehistoric marine creatures live, and on Fridays I make a livestream called “Fun Fish Friday” where I take suggestions and questions live about any marine creatures.

What inspired you to start “Ocean Mike”?

I wanted to do something fun for the community during quarantine, so I decided to make videos about something I was passionate about, in this case, marine life. I kept it all family friendly so kids can tune in and learn something fun during these weird times.

What encouraged your interest in the ocean?

My family has always been close to the ocean. My dads SCUBA certified, and we’ve traveled to an island almost every year for a decade. So it has always been an interest, but only recently have I become more passionate about it.

What is your favorite part of being “Ocean Mike”?

I enjoy getting to interact with the community that watches the show. I like being able to announce who gave the suggestion and give them a shout out and a thank you.

How do you prepare for each new episode of “Ocean Mike”?

It is a pretty simple process. I have a fun little set up in our dining room with shells, marine creature models, an ocean sign, and my co-host, a big plush blue fish. I just check my facts on the day’s suggestion, pull up a picture, and start filming!

What impact do you hope to have with your Youtube show? 

I hope to just put smiles on folks faces. I just want people to learn something new and maybe have some fun during COVID. I know it’s been rough for a lot of people, and maybe facts about marine creatures might not help with that, but I still want to try!

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