We appreciate your efforts throughout the last few months to help our academic team determine course placements. One of the hallmarks of a Jesuit education is a commitment to cura personalis–or care of the whole person. Part of our commitment to caring for our students at Brebeuf Jesuit is ensuring that their courses are the right fit for them, and we know this is important to the overall student experience. You have helped our academic team by submitting the Freshman Course Request Form, attending a scheduling meeting, taking placement exams, and signing up for auditions. Thank you for providing our academic counselors, department chairs, and performing arts directors this invaluable information so that we can best serve you through this intentional process.


For students who indicated interest in Honors English 9 on the Freshman Course Request Form, English Department Chair Sarah O’Keefe evaluated student HSPT scores and historic HSPT trends aligned with student performance in Honors English 9. Additionally, she conducted a holistic review of the student’s admissions portfolio. The recommendation for English placement reflects the course that is the best fit for each student given the student’s prior academic experiences and their demonstrated performance on national assessments. 

Click here for an explanation of Honors English 9 vs. English 9.

Please contact Sarah O’Keefe, English Department Chair, at sokeefe@brebeuf.org with questions about your child’s English placement.


Math placement decisions are determined by several calculations that weigh each student’s scores on the Math Skills Assessment or the Algebra 1 Mastery Exam along with the HSPT mathematics, quantitative reasoning, and CSQ scores. Math faculty members compared this data with historical data from previous years in a focused effort to predict the best placement for each student. This intentional placement process prioritizes a student’s success in the freshman year based on demonstrated abilities and skills.

Students who took the Math Skills Assessment were placed in either Foundations of Algebra, Algebra 1, or Algebra 1-Accelerated. 

Students who took the Algebra 1 Mastery Exam were placed in either Foundations of Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 1-Accelerated, Algebra 2, or Algebra 2-Honors.

Please contact Kaley Trump, Math Department Chair, at ktrump@brebeuf.org with questions about your child’s math placement.

Social Studies

For students who indicated interest in AP World History on the Freshman Course Request Form, social studies faculty analyzed student HSPT scores in comparison with historical data of student performance. Additionally, faculty members reviewed teacher recommendations, student essays, academic performance in middle school, and standardized test scores to determine the best course for each student. For students who received a recommendation for World Civilizations, keep in mind that there are many AP options available to you through the Social Studies Department during your sophomore, junior and senior years. 

Additionally, it is important to consider that students who receive a recommendation for AP World History may opt to take World Civilizations instead based on the rigor of their overall course load. Please contact Allen Glunt, Director of Academic Counseling, at aglunt@brebeuf.org by May 21, 2021, if your child was recommended for AP World History and has decided to take World Civilizations instead. 

Click here for an explanation of AP World History vs. World Civilizations.

Please contact Matt Mayer, Social Studies Department Chair, at mmayer@brebeuf.org with questions about your child’s social studies placement.

World Language

The world language placement exams are designed to evaluate a student’s language proficiency in Chinese, French, Latin, and Spanish. A student’s placement in level 2 or higher is based on a progressive exam that enables our world language faculty to determine the best course for each student who wishes to continue their study of a specific language. Faculty members evaluate each student’s placement exam performance by employing a rubric of criteria to determine student proficiency. 

Please contact Magistra Kris Schwickrath, World Languages Department Chair, at kschwickrath@brebeuf.org with questions about your child’s world language placement.

Performing Arts

When determining course placement for band, choir, orchestra, and piano, Director of Bands and Orchestras Brandon Lee and Director of Choirs Matthew Tippel strive to identify the most appropriate ensemble to best serve each developing musician. There is a place for every musician of every skill level, and we appreciate that you scheduled an audition to help with this process.  To determine performing arts placement, Mr. Lee and Mr. Tippel evaluated a range of skills like a student’s preparation, vocal range, sound quality, and rhythmic accuracy. 

If you have questions about your child’s performing arts placement, please contact Brandon Lee, Director of Bands and Orchestras, at blee@brebeuf.org, or Matthew Tippel, Director of Choirs, at mtippel@brebeuf.org.

Performing Arts Resources:

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