A portrait—by definition and observation—is one of a kind. The same can be said of Brebeuf graduates.

In the summer of 2017, Josh Lebherz interviewed 21 Brebeuf graduates—learning about their careers, recording their high school memories and discovering the impact that Brebeuf had on their lives. Traveling across the country, he had something in common with the Bullpen Catcher for the Yankees, the Marianist Sister in Dayton, the NASA engineer in Houston, the R&B musician in LA and all the others. As a 1993 graduate, Josh also lived the Brebeuf experience.

For Josh and all those connected with Brebeuf since 1962, the meaning reflected in these pages—the Portrait of a Graduate—is of shared experience and pride in community. While the paths leading from Brebeuf fan out in many directions, there are common threads in the foundation that is men and women for others.

Josh Lebherz
Class of 1993

Jiesha Perkins
Class of 2000

Wally Brant
Class of 1967

Megan Murphy
Class of 2004

Stanley Chen
Class of 1998

2LT Glen M. Fisher
Class of 2013

Mark Kite
Class of 2013

Mick Rivera
Class of 2015

Ryan McDaniel
Class of 2007

Matt DeRyckere
Class of 2008

Jordan Denari Duffner
Class of 2009

Sherard Clinkscales
Class of 1989

Radley Haddad
Class of 2008

Shawn Yancy
Class of 1988

Scott Stokes
Class of 1993

Tripp Smith
Class of 1983

Greg Dale
Class of 1978

The Hawkins Family
William, Class of 1977
Amber Lamkin, Class of 2002
Tyler, Class of 2009
Jade, Class of 2011