“The idea for my book grew out of my personal experiences getting to know people who are Muslim and learning about their religion. My thesis is how our relationship with God as  Christians and as Catholics can be enriched by our dialogue with Muslims.”

Jordan Denari Duffner works to improve understanding among people of different religions and cultures and break down the stereotypes that fuel prejudice and discrimination. Her upcoming book addresses themes she has uncovered in her research of Islamophobia and is entitled, “Finding Jesus Among Muslims: How Loving Islam Makes Me a Better Catholic.”

“One lesson I learned at Brebeuf is that our faith compels us to stand up for other people – for the marginalized. That was a thread I saw running through so much of the work students and teachers were doing, whether it was social justice causes championed by students or just the care, concern and compassion of the teachers.”

Jordan Denari Duffner
Author, PhD student in Theology
Georgetown University
Class of 2009