“The most rewarding part is hiring coaches who believe we can have a lot of success; that we have a commodity that hasn’t been polished yet; and that we’ll grow and get better. We’re going to surprise people, and we’re going to make an impact.

After years in professional baseball as a player, scout and front office executive, Sherard Clinkscales believes success is only possible with the right mindset. He’s proving that now as a college athletic director. Showing how mindset can motivate, he’s also co-founded a group that prepares college athletes for transition to the business world. He inspires others to be prepared because he knows the benefits.

“I didn’t know how much Brebeuf helped me until I got out there and realized how prepared I was to take on the challenges I had in college and in life.”

Sherard Clinkscales
Director of Athletics
Indiana State University
Class of 1989