“There were moments I thought, ‘I think this is what I’m called to do.’ Then there were moments I wasn’t so sure. Once I started living it, exploring my questions and meeting more people, it just felt right.

A friend at the University of Dayton introduced Gabrielle Bibeau to the Marianist Sisters, who lived just off campus. Nudged by her strong faith, she spent time getting to know them. A couple years after graduation, still carrying a curiosity and desire to explore religious life, she returned to Dayton and the Marianist congregation. She took her first vows in May 2017.

“I don’t know if being a man or woman for others means something different to me now. I think I integrate it better into my life now. It’s a big part of my vocation. How can I be a person who really lives for other people?”

Sister Gabrielle Bibeau, FMI
Graduate Assistant in Theology
and Marianist Studies
North American Center
for Marianist Studies
Class of 2007