“What’s most rewarding is that we’ve been able to maintain a family business, grow it into a significant corporation, and with that comes responsibility for 135 families. We made the decision that we’re not for sale – and that’s not just because my son and daughter joined the company –it’s for the other 133 people who’ve also made the commitment.”

After serving two tours in the United States Air Force during the war in Southeast Asia, Wally Brant was just weeks away from discharge when he got a call from his dad. He’d received an offer on the family business and wanted to know if Wally had any interest.

“I was in Guam – halfway around the world – and flew home. After three days talking with my dad, taking over for him seemed like something I really wanted to do, and I’ve never regretted that decision.”

Wally Grant
CEO, Indiana Oxygen
Class of 1967