Oct 28

Post-Election Guidelines

As we head into the last few days before the 2020 Presidential Election it’s important that we as a community take some time to reflect on what it means to be a Brebeuf Brave and center those values. The Brebeuf Jesuit Center for Equity and Inclusion along with the Administrative Leadership Team have developed some guidelines for community that we will be following in the lead up and following next week’s election.

We understand that this is a very interesting time and there are strong feelings on both sides, but want to ensure that regardless of the outcome, Brebeuf is a safe place for all students and that we are fostering an atmosphere that allows for productive and meaningful dialogue. We will forever support a students’ right to peacefully and respectfully exercise free expression while simultaneously protecting the atmosphere of safety and respect for all. As post-election conversations arise, the dialogue should be rooted in a respect for the dignity of every person, as this is the core of Catholic moral and social teaching.

Therefore, as a reminder, hate speech, harsh/discriminatory language, and vulgarity are prohibited, as is made clear in our student code of conduct. Please promptly direct any inappropriate behavior to the Dean’s office, disciplinary action for all violations will be strictly enforced. We are also prepared to implement restorative conversations that aim to provide reconciliation and healing as needed. 

In addition, due to the polarizing nature of this election, we are asking that conversations in and out of the classrooms that pertain to the election and the outcome reflect our core values as a Jesuit organization.

Please exercise civility, clarity, and compassion, and ask yourself these questions as conversations arise: 

Education of the Whole Person
Are the conversations at hand based on verified information and do they contribute to the education of the whole person? What is the intent of the conversation? What potential impact could this conversation have? 

A Caring and Diverse Community
Are the conversations open to diverse perspectives and is there a healthy exchange of dialogue? Are they rooted in a genuine care for one another? Do they contribute to the growth of those engaged in the conversation in a meaningful way? 

The Greater Glory of God
Do these conversations contribute to making the world more just, humane, and loving? Do these conversations reflect God and are they had with the intent of giving glory to God? 

As Brebeuf Jesuit Braves, we may choose different ways to respond to compelling social problems, but we cannot differ on our moral obligation to help build a more just world. Let’s work together to ensure our conversations reflect that. The Center for Equity and Inclusion will be open and available for students to digest and converse with others as needed.