Summer School 2017 Registration

The primary registration window for summer school for all students will be open from March 1-15.  The registration forms will be available in the Portals by 8:00 a.m. on March 1.  To access this registration form, parents will need to log in to their Portals account and click on Forms.  All registrations received by March 15 will receive a follow up email from Amy Pitcher with either a confirmation of enrollment, or alternate options, by March 30.  Registration requests after March 15 may still be submitted, and will be processed as space is available.


The course fee for Brebeuf Jesuit students is $600 for each course. All course fees will be billed at the end of each session.

Community Service is an abridged course. The fee for this course is $175.

The Study Skills workshop is $250.

There is no deposit required to register for summer school.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is crucial during summer session courses. In summer school, each day of class is equivalent to one week of class during the school year.  Any student who misses more than one day of class will be required to withdraw and will not receive credit for the course.

For questions regarding our attendance policy, please contact Jen LaMaster at 317.524.7184 or


Students must have the required texts for the first day of class.  All Brebeuf Jesuit textbooks must be ordered online through MBS Direct at

For more information, please contact Stephanie Medcalfe at 317.524.7116 or

Physical Education Requirements

There are no uniforms required for Physical Education.  Students are asked to wear appropriate athletic attire.

Summer School Courses

For more details and full summer school course offerings, please click the links below.

Click here for summer school course listings.

Click here for the summer school course catalog.

If you have any additional questions about Summer School, please contact Amy Pitcher at 317.524.7097 or

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