Over the course of the last month, our country has continued to hear of the frightening shortages of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at our nation’s hospitals. At Brebeuf Jesuit, men and women for others has proven once again to not only apply to our students, but our entire faculty and staff, as well.

In hearing the PPE statistics, Brebeuf’s IT Department sprang into action. They reached out to the Eskenazi Command Center, who was already in contact with other groups in the maker community working on ways that everyone could help. With the use of a previously designed and approved face shield and the school’s 3-D printers, the team began testing and prototyping. They were able to make about 40 masks and deliver them to Eskenazi Health earlier this week before their supplies, particularly of the plastic that they were using for the face shields, became very difficult to get a hold of through normal channels.

The director of Brebeuf’s Makerspace, Michael Clauser, has been instrumental in the process in terms of both printing and communicating with the medical professionals who are coordinating getting PPE into the hands of the frontline doctors and nurses who need it most. Brebeuf Jesuit CIO JD Ferries-Rowe says,

“We are just happy to be able to be a part of the community that is helping make this possible. We are now experimenting with some new designs and different types of plastic that might be more readily available given the times that we are living in.”