Beloved – By Mary Ann Wallace

Mark 1:9-15 …“You are my beloved…On you my favor rests.”

What does it feel like when I am called beloved, especially beloved by God?

It feels comforting, peaceful, yet at the same time challenging and scary.

Can God really love me so much that I am called a beloved child?

So often when I think of myself I readily bring up all the imperfections and failings. But, when I really take the time to go to a quiet place and try to simply listen, I hear the God in my heart saying, “yes, it is true, you are wanted, you are loved.” When I feel this I am humbled and feel incredibly blessed. And that is the beginning of the story, but the story continues.

In an Ash Wednesday homily I heard that we were created in love, by love, for love. Okay, in some human and also divine way, I was created. But the last phrase is the clincher: for love. What does that mean? It means an action step definitely.

What response can I make because I was created for love?

My answer has generally always been the same. Many years ago while doing the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius, I had a profound experience to a scripture reference, if you love me, feed my lambs; if you love me, feed my lambs.

I have to take care of others.

  • Help the powerless
  • Feed the hungry
  • Clothe the naked

In the gospel story, Jesus went away into the desert and was tempted by demons yet cared for and then came out of the desert proclaiming the goodness of God’s love. God loves you! God wants the best for you!

I invite you to take some time to go into the desert this Lent. Listen to God calling you a beloved child. Ask what response you can give for this great gift of love.

Mary Ann Wallace

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