Aug 17

Reminder on Safe Protocols and Screenings – Return From Travel Information

Brebeuf Jesuit welcomed back its students last week, and the entire community was thrilled to be back together under one roof. In order to continue meeting in person, we need everyone working together and following the preventative measures laid out in Brebeuf’s Reopening Plan.

If done effectively, these protocols should greatly reduce the risk of virus transmission within the school.

Daily Self Screening

Daily self-screening is the cornerstone of an effective and safe reopening. Parents are asked to encourage their students to read the screening questions thoroughly each day to ensure accuracy. While this may seem tedious, questions will change periodically, and it is vital that students think through the questions and possible symptoms every day before entering the school building.

24/7 COVID-19 Positive Hotline

Brebeuf has a 24/7 COVID-19 Positive Hotline established, please call this line if a student or Brebeuf Jesuit employee has tested positive. This is for immediate notification to begin contact tracing procedures. The Brebeuf Jesuit administration will work with you directly after calling the hotline to work out a detailed return to school plan.

COVID-19 Positive 24/7 Hotline – 317.524.7018

Safe Return From Travel

Based on Marion County Health Department and CDC guidelines, we have enhanced our screening questions to include a broader focus on travel. Please keep the following questions in mind as you prepare for travel and how it might impact your safe return to campus.

  • Did you travel to an area that has a high rate of Covid-19 infections?
  • Did you spend time on an airplane, boat, or other form of transportation with a larger number of people, closer together than 6 feet?
  • Did you go into any public areas without wearing masks or where many others were not wearing masks?
  • Did you attend any large social gatherings or events with large crowds?
  • Did you have any exposure to people who were Covid positive or symptomatic during your travel?

For more information about safe return from travel, click here for information from the CDC.

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, you should quarantine for 14 days upon returning from travel. Please contact the attendance line at 317.524.7118 to record your absence and coordinate your date of return.

To read Brebeuf’s full reopening plan, click here. Thank you for your continued support and attention to ensure the safety of the entire Brebeuf Jesuit community.