Sep 16

September Brebeuf Drive

Inspired by her trip to Dayspring earlier this semester, Payton Seaman ’21 wanted to take the lead on the first #BrebeufDrive of the year and do a collection to benefit a place that made an impact on her.

“Earlier this semester I went and volunteered at Dayspring, a shelter for those in need of help, both financially and physically. Going there was one of the most moving things I have ever experienced. I often don’t realize that people just like us are struggling to even find a place to sleep. I learned about different stories and learned about how and why people were at this shelter. After going to Dayspring and learning about people’s stories, I learned that not all stereotypes are true about children living in poverty. I learned that children who are born into poverty are not doomed to stay at poverty level if they are fortunate enough to have a good education, good mentors, motivation and determination, and the basic living needs such as food, shelter, and water.”

– Payton Seaman ’21

How You Can Help

The September #BrebeufDrive will be collecting: Paper towels, toilet paper, napkins and Clorox wipes.  Collection bins will be placed in the lobbies throughout the month of September.

Prefer to make an online donation? Please visit: