Carson, Richie and Garrett Jones

What is your favorite memory with your siblings?

Carson: I do not have a moment that sticks out, but for the last 18 years I have been blessed to have two best friends who I can always hang out with.

Richie: I don’t really have a favorite memory in particular, but I will always remember the times competing with or against my siblings, because the three of us are super competitive, and we always want to beat one another no matter what we are doing.

Garrett: My favorite memory with Richie and Carson is going to Seattle to see the soccer team, the Sounders, play. Before the game, all the fans met in a park and marched to the game chanting. It was incredible.

Complete this statement: “My siblings are…”

Carson: (for Richie) passionate; (for Garrett) cunning
Richie: always there for me.
Garrett: My siblings are very outgoing and funny! I know this will surprise everyone, because they aren’t like that at school.

What drives you the craziest about your siblings?

Carson: What drives me crazy is that people always ask who is older (Richie) and who is the baby (Garrett), but they never seam to care that I am the middle child. They only care about the oldest and the baby.
Richie: Carson talks too loud, and Garrett always steals things.
Garrett: When they play the piano at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday!

What are the weirdest habits your siblings have?

Carson: Richie snores extremely loud, and Garrett always waits until the last minute to do everything.
Richie: Garrett’s weirdest habit is when we take road trips he never needs to get out of the car for bathroom breaks or to stretch. Carson’s weirdest habit is the way he eats with a fork (he literally stabs his food like there is no tomorrow).
Garrett: The weirdest habit Richie and Carson have is being our dad’s alter ego. It’s weird, but funny!

Do your relationships with your siblings make you strive to better yourself in any aspect of your life (social, academic, athletic, musically, etc.)?

Carson: Yes, because my number one goal in any activity is to be better than my triplet brothers. I can proudly say I pretty much always beat my brothers but they push me to be my best.
Richie: My relationship with Carson has made be strive to become a better golfer because I cannot stand losing to him. My relationship with Garrett has helped me learn how to help others because he always needs my help with everything.
Garrett: All three of us are competitive with all aspects of our lives. We strive to get the better grade in the same classes and school in general. And, don’t play sports with us, because we are in it to win it!

What is something your siblings do/have done that makes you proud of them?

Carson: I am proud that Richie got into the Kelley School of Business, and I am proud of Garrett for his success as a four-year varsity volleyball player.
Richie: Just my siblings always being there for me makes me proud being a triplet because not many people have the opportunity like we have, and I try to appreciate that everyday. I admit, my life would be completely different without them, and I’m glad they are my brothers even though we tend to disagree and fight about almost about everything.
Garrett: Both of my brothers were born with the clef lip/palate, and have endured surgeries, and will likely have one more for cosmetic reasons. They have never let it get them down. I admire their strength and am so proud to be their brother.

In which area are you and your siblings the complete opposite?

Carson: Richie is a righty while I am a lefty. Garrett loves playing violent video games while I just like to play FIFA.
Richie: Carson likes different sports team, and Garrett doesn’t watch sports at all.
Garrett: Richie and Carson love to go to any and all sporting events. I’d rather stay home and watch it on the television.

What is something your siblings are better at than anybody else you know?

Carson: Richie can play the piano louder than anyone, and Garrett is the best back seat driver in the world.
Richie: Carson is the best FIFA player I know, and Garrett is also the best Tetris player I know.
Garrett: Richie and Carson are so much alike, not just in looks. They have this tenacity to remember everything sports related, whether it’s players or scores from a game played years ago!

What is your favorite aspect of attending Brebeuf with your siblings?

Carson: My favorite aspect of attending Brebeuf with Richie and Garrett has been that I always have at least one person who can help me study for a test.
Richie: My favorite aspect of attending Brebeuf with my brothers is that I’ve had two close friends with me through all the amazing experiences at Brebeuf. It’s definitely going to be different next year since all three of us are going to different colleges.
Garrett: My favorite aspect of attending Brebeuf with my brothers is having the same classes. It helps studying and doing homework together.