Avery and Parker Moore

What is your favorite memory with your sibling?

Avery:I not sure I consider this a “favorite” moment, however, it is an explicit memory I have with him. When we were quite younger, he would sneak into my room every single night and would sleep there for around a solid year.

Parker: The Catacombs in the Basilica- Italy.

Complete this statement: “My sibling is…”

Avery: Caring

Parker: Helpful

What drives you the craziest about your sibling?

Avery: He is usually very energetic in the morning and I simply am not in the mood for that at 7:15.
Parker: When she is grouchy in the morning.

What is the weirdest habit your sibling has?

Avery: Eating a full course meal at midnight every single night.
Parker: She washes her bed sheets like every 3 days.

Does your relationships with your sibling make you strive to better yourself in any aspect of your life (social, academic, athletic, musically, etc.)?

Avery: Yes, he strives to make me a more selfless and easy-going person.
Parker: Yes, for sure academically.

What is something your sibling does/has done that makes you proud of them?

Avery: I am most proud of him for completing four years of high school soccer.
Parker: She babysits kids.

In which area are you and your sibling the complete opposite?

Avery: He has terrible sleeping habits, and I can fall asleep right when my head hits the pillow.
Parker: Academically

What is something your sibling is better at than anybody else you know?

Avery: Eating… that boy is so tiny, yet he can chow like it is nobody’s business.
Parker: Making good eggs.

What is your favorite aspect of attending Brebeuf with your sibling?

Avery: I love sharing a group of friends with him and being able to hang out all together during breaks and PRTs.
Parker: We have the same friends so it is good that all of us can hangout together.