Kevin and Caitlin Morton

What is your favorite memory with your sibling?

Caitlin: It’s not one in particular, but whenever we drive together, Kevin and I have time to gossip and chat about stuff going on in our lives. It’s always fun since he gets my humor so well.

Kevin: My favorite memory with Caitlin would be when she tried to strangle me in the back seat of our car on our way to Florida. I was being really annoying, and she decided that she had enough and, in her words, “shook him by the neck, not strangled” me. This is one of my favorite memories, because now I just look back on it and laugh about it.

Complete this statement: “My sibling is…”

Caitlin: Very intense. People ask me a lot how I think Kevin would react to a situation, and I always have to say it will be either extreme excitement or extreme hate. I can’t tell you how he will take it but I can tell you to be prepared for his intense feelings.
Kevin: My sibling is an amazing artist. I don’t know if many people know this, but Caitlin is a really wonderful artist, and I love all of her pieces (especially the ones of me).

What drives you the craziest about your sibling?

Caitlin: Bossy. That kid is bossy. You all know what I’m talking about. He loves making decisions for me and answering questions for me and nagging me.
Kevin: The thing that drives me craziest about Caitlin is her complete lack of urgency / her procrastination. I trend to be much more type A, more high strung than she is, and I am always trying to be early for everything. She is far more laid back about everything, and it makes me mildly crazy.

What is the weirdest habit your sibling has?

Caitlin: He does not know how to sit on a couch. Picture the way you imagine a person sits. Now just completely flip it on its head because that’s Kevin. He will sit on the floor on his knees hunched over the seat cushions with his phone propped up.

Kevin: Caitlin’s weirdest habit is that when she sneezes, it sounds like a high pitched cat meow. I think it’s the weirdest sneeze I’ve ever heard but she swears she can’t help it.

Does your relationship with your sibling make you strive to better yourself in any aspect of your life (social, academic, athletic, musically, etc.)?

Caitlin: He is better socially than I am. He’s willing to talk to everyone he sees and make friends with them.
Kevin: Caitlin reminds me to be creative in my life. I often times am the type of person that will follow all of the rules and do exactly what is asked of me, but watching her is a constant reminder to challenge people’s expectations and do something original.

What is something your sibling does/has done that makes you proud of them?

Caitlin: Kevin has always been the type to be a leader. He didn’t have many opportunities before high school, but watching him work hard to lead student government year after year reminds me of his work ethic and determination.
Kevin: I am really proud of Caitlin’s courage to present her artwork to the public in the art wing. She, like many artists, is so critical of her work, but I am really proud of her ability to expose that part of herself so that others can enjoy her work.

In which area are you and your sibling the complete opposite?

Caitlin: Socially. He’s far more outgoing than me and willing to be everyone’s friend, while I tend to keep to myself in classes but get along with my friends.
Kevin: I am a social butterfly. I can pretty much make friends with anyone everywhere I go. Caitlin is completely different. She isn’t anti-social at all, but she tends to keep to her self in public situations and enjoys watching what is going on instead of being what is going on.

What is something your sibling is better at than anybody else you know?

Caitlin: Kevin is a very good cook. Not a ton of guys like to cook, but Kevin is really good at it. It’s nice when I’m too tired to cook, but we just have to keep him away from shows like Great British Bake-off because inspiration hits him like a truck and suddenly we have a kitchen full of scones.
Kevin: Caitlin makes LITERALLY the best pancakes I have ever had. People try to argue that they have had some pretty good pancakes, but they have clearly never had her pancakes.

What is your favorite aspect of attending Brebeuf with your sibling?

Caitlin: We love to gossip. Not usually bad things, but having someone else in the family who knows all the drama going down is really fun.
Kevin: I have always appreciated the fact that I have known since my first day at Brebeuf that I have a guaranteed friend at school. She has always been by my side everywhere we have been, and having her to count on makes me feel more confidant in my situation.