Mallory and Spencer Reist

What is your favorite memory with your sibling?

Mallory: Growing up swimming and doing other water-sports at the lake.

Spencer: My favorite memories with Mallory are the times we had when we were young at the lake.

Complete this statement: “My sibling is…”

Mallory: Funny, energetic, and kind
Spencer: Very kind and caring.

What drives you the craziest about your sibling?

Mallory: His stubbornness
Spencer: Her eating along with some other stuff.

What is the weirdest habit your sibling has?

Mallory: Listening to the same songs on repeat a-lot
Spencer: She comes to school around 7:15 a.m. everyday, which I think is kind of weird.

Does your relationship with your sibling make you strive to better yourself in any aspect of your life (social, academic, athletic, musically, etc.)?

Mallory: Yes, I am very high-strung, and Spencer’s laid back personality helps to remind me to let things unfold how they are supposed to and not be so high-strung about everything.
Spencer: My sister helps me socially and academically.

What is something your sibling does/has done that makes you proud of them?

Mallory: His hard work with basketball.
Spencer: She won state all four years, and I never did.

In which area are you and your sibling the complete opposite?

Mallory: Spencer has a very laid back personality, and I am very type A.
Spencer: In school, our work ethics are pretty different.

What is something your sibling is better at than anybody else you know?

Mallory: Making people laugh
Spencer: Getting up early in the morning.

What is your favorite aspect of attending Brebeuf with your sibling?

Mallory: Seeing him everyday at school, and rooting for him at his basketball games.
Spencer: It makes us closer going to the same school and hanging out with some of the same people.