Nov 19

Sophia Pruitt Named 2018 Indiana Youth Philanthropist

Sophia Pruitt earned the 2018 Indiana Outstanding Youth Achievement Award from the Association of Fund Raising Professionals. Nominated by IndyHumane, Sophia has raised more than $24,000, fostered 60 cats and dogs, volunteered at the shelter and hosted numerous events, including Hoops for Hounds with the Pacers for the last six years. Her commitment to the organization began when she was seven. Last year, she organized a Brebeuf Jesuit Pack for Mutt Strutt. Sophia thanked her Brebeuf friends and teachers who attended the awards presentation.

“I’m fortunate enough to have a support group at Brebeuf, from my Principal who recommended me for this award to my teachers who are here today,” says Sophia. “You are an inspiration to me. You always told me I could do it, that there was hope and meaning to what I was doing. That means my entire world, and I am eternally grateful.”

In honor of the award, Sophia raised money to update the shelter’s outdoor play yard and asked IndyHumane to bring their PAWS vehicle to Brebeuf for puppy snuggle time during finals week.