Apr 25

Spring 2019 Underclass Final Exams

Spring 2019 final exam schedules have been posted.

Students are asked to double-check the schedule in order to determine whether or not they have a conflict. A conflict is defined as two exams scheduled at the same time or four exams scheduled in one day. Please report any conflicts to the Principal’s Office.

As always, during final exam days, students are required to be present only during the times they have exams. It is always difficult to find alternative times to take final exams and often it has a detrimental effect on a student’s performance on the exam. Therefore, we ask families to please make every effort to schedule around final exams so that all students are present at their assigned exam times.

Click here for the Spring 2019 Underclass Final Exam Schedule.

Click here for the Spring 2019 Underclass Final Exam Schedule with Accommodations.

If you have any questions about finals scheduling please contact Shani Simonson in the Principal’s Office at ssimonson@brebeuf.org.

For any questions regarding accommodations, students should see their academic counselor.