Dec 8

Spring Break El Salvador Immersion Trip 2022

Applications for the El Salvador spring break trip are available in the Community Service Office. During our time in El Salvador we will have the opportunity to meet with Salvadorans, hear their stories, and accompany them for a short time in their daily lives. Applications should be submitted by Tuesday, December 14, 2021. Contact Nick Klingler at with any questions.

During Brebeuf’s 2022 spring break a delegation from our school will travel to El Salvador.  We will be hosted by CRISPAZ, a faith-based organization that has been leading trips for school groups in El Salvador for 30 plus years. During the immersion trip, students will experience the food, culture, and people of El Salvador. We will learn about the history of the country, including the role of the Catholic Church and Jesuit martyrs of El Salvador.  We will also visit the Jesuit University of Central America in San Salvador. Our accommodations will be modest as we will be staying in simple guesthouses.

Daily reflection, discussion, and journal writing are all essential aspects of the trip. Upon returning to Brebeuf, the delegation will be involved in various activities during the following school years to share their experiences with the entire Brebeuf Community. This will be Brebeuf’s tenth spring break trip to El Salvador.

The overall cost of the trip will be between $2,200-$2,400 (depending on airfare) per student. The cost includes all travel expenses, food and lodging, and program fees. Students who qualify for financial aid through Brebeuf may also apply for scholarships.

All applications should be returned to the Community Service Office by Tuesday, December 14th.  Once all of the applications are submitted, a selection committee will meet to decide which students will represent Brebeuf on this trip.

A word about the trip from CRISPAZ:

The CRISPAZ El Salvador Encounter is for people who are willing to have their lives touched and forever changed. During your time in El Salvador you will have the opportunity to meet with Salvadorans, hear their stories, and accompany them for a short time in their daily lives. As a group of North Americans, you will also have the opportunity to reflect together on the challenge this experience offers personally, politically, and spiritually. We hope that the stories you hear and the experiences that you have will lead you to continue to work towards justice and peace in El Salvador and in your home community. To participate in an El Salvador Encounter is to enter into an ongoing dialogue with the people of El Salvador and with other North Americans; a dialogue, which we hope, will challenge and change your heart, mind, and spirit.