Dads Club FUNraisers

Chicago Trip

Dads Club Chicago 2015 - FullSizeRender.jpg

The Dads Club has hosted a two-day trip to Chicago for Dads and their current Brebeuf student(s). The Club charters buses which leave from Brebeuf’s parking lot early Saturday morning and arrive in Chicago in time for lunch at your favorite “Chicago Style” eatery. The Club secures a block of rooms at a downtown hotel and the group re-gathers in the evening at one of the local comedy show clubs. The buses leave the following morning at staggered times, but all return Sunday afternoon in time to still do that list of chores someone has left for you.

Freshman Tailgate

The Dads Club provides the labor (grilling) for the annual Freshman tailgate.

Dads Club Wine Tasting

Dads Club Wine Tastings are open to any members of the Brebeuf community that are over 21 years of age.  The wine is available to purchase as a fundraiser to benefit Brebeuf projects.

Senior Cookout

The Dad’s Club hosts a cookout for all Seniors in the spring.  Dads underwrite the cost of the cookout and provide the labor to grill hamburgers and hotdogs and keep the side dishes stocked.

Monthly Meetings

The Brebeuf Dads Club exists to create an opportunity for Dads to get involved at their child’s school on what we like to call a “low commitment, high-impact” basis. We try to keep our organization as unstructured as possible. While there is an executive committee (that all are welcome to be a part of) the focus is on ALL dads becoming members and attending as many of the monthly meetings as possible. The intent is for dads to get to know other dads. The monthly meetings will include a guest speaker from the school to share their perspectives and meet parents. Check out the calendar of events to see the next meeting or activity, and please plan to attend.

Executive Committee & Activity Planning meetings are not intended to be formal. All members are welcome and encouraged to get involved. Most such meetings will likely just convene prior to or just after the monthly meetings or at activities.

Again, Less Structure – More Relaxed, More Involvement, More Fun!