Loves about Brebeuf?

I love that Brebeuf is an excellent school in so many ways. We are strong academically, athletically, socially, and spiritually. Brebeuf offers students a rigorous academic curriculum with support from teachers who really want you to do well. Athletically we succeed in such a variety of sports. There is always a team to cheer on. Socially, Brebeuf is full of nice students who accept and support each other. I have made so many good friends here and feel lucky to have been part of this community. Brebeuf’s spiritual strength is really its most important aspect. At Brebeuf we are inspired to do all things for the greater glory of God and to serve one another. This shapes the students and motivates us to use what we have learned at Brebeuf to make a difference in the world.

Future Plans

I am hoping to attend the University of Notre Dame and major in physics, biology, engineering, or business. In a perfect world, I would mix all the majors together and end up with a degree that would help me develop medical advances that would change the world.

Extra Curricular Activities

Track & Field
Theatre/School Musical
National Merit Scholar Finalist
National Honors Society
Ignatian Scholar
Christamore House Volunteer
Outdoor Club

What is your favorite class?

I have loved both years of physics I have taken at Brebeuf. Mr. Rott and Mr. Ellis always have something cool to show us. I also loved Mrs. Hennessey’s social justice class, because we played the World Peace Game. It ended up being a really fun way to teach our class about world peace.

What is the bravest thing you have ever done?

When I was 16, I saved my little brother’s life when I jumped into the ocean and pulled him and his friend out of a riptide. My dad was on the beach when it happened so he found out right away, but everyone agreed to not tell my mom until the vacation was over because we knew she wouldn’t let any of us back in the water if she knew what happened.

What is your most irrational fear?

I am deathly afraid of my small, black dog named Shadow. He tries to bite me almost every day. He hates everyone in my family except my mom, because she rescued him from an abusive house. To top it off, he makes random noises from under the dinner table when I am trying to eat.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Hands down – Little Caesars $5 deep dish pizza. I eat a whole one by myself.

Random facts.

I can ride a unicycle.
I’ve been to more than 20 national parks.
I know morse code.
I have kissed a stingray.

You are now in your final semester at Brebeuf Jesuit. Has it sunk in yet?

I have been so busy with the musical, track, and classes that it hasn’t really sunk in yet. I know I will really miss being a student here, but I will always be part of the Brebeuf community. That’s the great thing about Brebeuf, you never really leave. There are a lot of fun things planned for my class in the next few months, so I’m just going to focus on those.

In what way have you changed the most since your freshman year?

I think the thing that has changed the most about me is my purpose for seeking knowledge. When I started at Brebeuf I thought the reason I took a class was to get an “A.” Now I want to learn so I can use that knowledge to do good in the world. Brebeuf changes your perspective about learning.