Loves About Brebeuf

I really love Brebeuf’s value in academics. All the teachers are really good at what they do, and this allows me to have a deeper understanding of everything that I learn, which I really appreciate.

Future Plans

I know that I will be attending a college in Indiana like IU, Purdue or Notre Dame. I am planning on studying business but am also including science.

Teams & Co-Curriculars  

Violin in the Orchestra
Vice President of Asian Student Union
National Honor Society
Member of the Brebeuf Mentors Program

Random Facts

I have traveled to Pine Ridge, Oxford, Barcelona, and Belize – all with Brebeuf.
My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
I used to play the trumpet.
My Uncle Tom was a Spanish teacher at Brebeuf during the school’s early years.

You’ve obviously taken advantage of the many travel abroad opportunities offered at Brebeuf. Can you tell us more about those experiences, some of the main highlights, and why you would recommend them to other students?

All of my experiences throughout my time at Brebeuf have provided me with new perspective and insight into the world around me. Whether it was participating in a sweat lodge in South Dakota, taking classes at a renowned university, exploring the city of Barcelona, or getting to know the community in Punta Gorda, Belize, I was able to see just how big and diverse the world is – something that I am very grateful to have experienced in my formative high school career.

If you are ever able to travel with Brebeuf on any of these trips, I would highly recommend it. It is very impactful every now and then to step out of your comfort zone and really appreciate what’s out there.

What is your current favorite show or series on tv, Netflix, etc? 

I just finished The Good Place and am watching Game of Thrones now. Both are great. Rick and Morty is probably my favorite show overall.

Where would you travel if time and money weren’t an issue?

I would travel anywhere with a clear ocean. I think Greece or Italy would be amazing. I also think Iceland is really cool, so I’d definitely go there if I ever got the chance.

What are some small things that make your day better?

When I do better than expected on a test or quiz.
When it’s sunny outside with a blue sky.
When I wake up in the middle of the night and look at the clock, and it’s not time to get up yet.

Any plans for Fall Break?

I am visiting Notre Dame for a day, but the rest of the time I will probably just relax. I might go to Indy Scream Park, or something like that.