Apr 20

Student Spotlight – Cole Elkins ’18

Loves About Brebeuf

The college feel of Brebeuf allows students to have independence, and the opportunity for personal responsibility time forces students to take ownership of their academic career. Coupled with this is the incredible support of the faculty and staff to ensure student success.

Favorite Class

Drawing with Mr. Roessler. I am not artistic at all, and this class forced me to step outside my comfort zone. I really enjoyed the challenge of that as well as Mr. Roessler’s teaching style and encouragement of his students. 

Future Plans 

I will be attending the University of Indianapolis where I will major in special education and play baseball.

Teams & Co-Curriculars 

Student Athletic Director
Varsity Baseball

Random Facts

I am exceptionally skilled in quoting lines from Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory, and The Office.

What is your current favorite show or series on tv, Netflix, etc?

The Office and Seinfeld.

If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go and why?

I would travel to and attend a game at every Major League Baseball stadium in the United States, take in the atmosphere with the fans, eat the great ballpark food, and enjoy America’s favorite pastime. Currently, I have been to seven of the thirty total stadiums. Wrigley is by far my favorite of them all….Go Cubbies!!

What has it been like to go to school where your mom works for the past four years?
(Cole’s mom is Jamie Elkins, Senior Vice President)

It’s great! I always get to school on time, my mom keeps snacks in her office, and I sometimes use her office as additional locker space. More importantly, I have had the opportunity to meet members of the staff who are not faculty and learn more about what they do at Brebeuf. For example, Mrs. Wagle and Mrs. Pitcher are always so friendly and they take care of all the databases that support the school. Mr. Higginbotham does so much cool stuff to market and promote Brebeuf and is as big of a Seinfeld fan as I am. Mrs. DeWaal is the BEST…not only does she organize and plan everything for Father Jack and Father Bill but she spoils me with extra lunches or treats after events at the school. Mrs. Otteson is the happiest, most kind woman on the planet in addition to her efforts to recruit students. Rob Murphy keeps our school clean and takes extra good care of my mom’s office. These are just a handful of the staff that students don’t always get to interact with, and I am grateful to have gotten to know them better. 

Now that baseball season has started, can you give a quick, inside look at your expectations/thoughts for the season?

Couldn’t be more excited for this season. We have ten seniors on the team who all have great leadership, take time to help the underclassmen, and who all enjoy playing the great game of baseball. The weather has presented challenges for the start of our season, however, after spring break our schedule will ramp up and with the great support of our community we expect to have a great season. 

For the past year, you have served as the Student Athletic Director.  Was the experience what you thought it would be? What have you enjoyed the most about your role?

The experience was incredible! Lots of hard work and early mornings, but I would definitely say it was one of the best opportunities I have encountered throughout my high school career. Mr. Hampton, Mr. Weinstein, Mr. Howard, and the coaches and student athletes made me realize how much I love high school sports. I plan to pursue a career in teaching, coaching, and hope to become a high school athletic director. Special thank you to Mr. Hampton for his leadership and Mr. Weinstein for his guidance, support, and encouragement over the last four years.

We asked Cole’s mom, Senior Vice President Jamie Elkins…How has Cole changed and developed over the last four years?

It is really wonderful to have the privilege of working at a school where your children attend (my daughter, Caitlynn graduated in 2014). Since Cole was young, his father has always told him, “be kind…go out of your way to be kind to others.” Cole has always been polite and well-mannered but I believe his kindness defines his character. The last four years, I watched his kindness grow and his empathy for others has guided his interests, his future studies and has helped shape him. Brebeuf fosters a spirit of collaboration and empathy, encourages students to seek knowledge and understanding of others, to inquire and listen and not judge and condemn. Cole’s kind spirit inspires me every single day. I am so grateful to his teachers, coaches and the staff at Brebeuf who have supported, encouraged and gotten to know him and have served as great role models for his future teaching career. These last four years have flown by and I am so thankful for this unique opportunity to share in this experience at Brebeuf each day and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for him.