Aug 26

Student Spotlight – Eli Nahmias ’17

Loves about Brebeuf:

I love that Brebeuf Jesuit feels like a community. From your first day through all four years in school, everyone says hi to each other in the hallways and welcomes one another. People are always willing to help and answer questions. Teachers really want to make sure you get a good education at Brebeuf Jesuit.

Favorite Class:

My favorite class so far has been AP European History with Mr. Spotts. I found the class interesting and thought it was cool to see history from a different perspective since we usually study U.S. history. I also thought Mr. Spotts did a good job relating things to today and making us see how people are still important today even though they lived a long time ago.

Future Plans:

I hope to attend Boston College next year and study business and finance. I am not sure what the future holds, but I think it would be fun to study abroad in college and learn about different cultures.

Teams & Co-Curriculars:

Brebeuf Jesuit Tennis Team
President of Jewish Student Union
Kriya Club
BBYO – Jewish Teen Leadership Program

Random Fact:

I was in the sixth biggest earthquake in Chile in 2010. My aunt is from Chile so we were visiting family when it happened.

Is Brebeuf as academically rigorous as they say?

Brebeuf Jesuit is definitely academically rigorous. Teachers make sure you try your hardest and each assignment or activity has a purpose. Assignments are difficult, but they have to be in order to prepare for college. Since assignments can be difficult, teachers make themselves available to help students do well. The teachers at Brebeuf Jesuit encourage you to come to their office if you need help or think something is too hard. I know the Math Department specifically, is always there to help and encourages students to come into the office.

Would you rather…

Eat ice cream or pizza as the only food for the rest of your life?

I would rather eat ice cream because there are lots of flavors and it is good. It is especially good when it is hot outside like it has been all summer.

Be stuck on a broken ski lift or broken elevator?

I would rather be stuck on a ski lift because I think I would start freaking out in an elevator because it is an enclosed space and could get hot. I think it would be easier to get help in the ski lift versus the elevator which might be stuck for a while.

Would you rather spend one year sailing around the world or living in the heart of London?

I would rather go sailing because you could explore the world more than just staying in one spot. It would be fun to be in the ocean with all of the fresh air and weather.

Live in Antarctica or the Sahara Desert?

I would rather live in Antarctica because not many people have been there and it would be cool to see all of the animals.

Be known for a one-hit wonder for a novel or a song?

I would rather be known for a novel because I cannot sing. Plus it would be interesting because people could make it into a movie.