Loves About Brebeuf

The openness that everyone seems to have, whether it is having a conversation with someone they normally wouldn’t talk to, learning about a new topic, or listening to another person’s viewpoint respectfully.

Future Plans

I don’t know where I want to go to college yet, but my top choices are Boston College, Miami (OH), Purdue, Cincinnati, and Marquette. I intend to study something in the field of business. My goals after college are to start a business and to own a pet ocelot.

Teams & Co-Curriculars

Cross Country
JMF Junior Board Member
High school CYO intramural basketball for my grade school (St. Monica)
Entrepreneurship Club
Pine Ridge Immersion Trip 2018
Admissions Ambassador
National Honor Society
Works at the JCC as a lifeguard

Random Facts

I have knack for remembering useless facts and information. For example, I have remembered the score to every Colts game since 2006.

I have a large collection of sports items, which includes around 7000 sports trading cards and over 20 baseball hats.

I have a whole drawer full of college shirts that I either got from visits or via hand me downs.

My biggest fears are alligators and crocodiles.

So far the best part of being a senior is?

Being able to leave campus to get food, and knowing that we are leaders of this community. Getting the best parking spots is also a nice perk.

Where would you travel if time and money weren’t an issue?

I’d go to every MLB stadium. My dad and I try to make it to different stadiums when we go on college visits or family trips, and I think it is on both of our bucket lists to see a game at each of them.

What are some small things that make your day better?

Coming to school with all my homework done, seeing someone I know in the hallway, and coming home to my dogs.

What is your current favorite show or series on tv, Netflix, etc?

The Simpsons or How I Met Your Mother.

As many of your classmates likely know, your mom is an employee for Brebeuf Jesuit. What’s it like to go to school at the same place that your mom works?

I grew up in the Brebeuf community from the time I was in kindergarten, and have known many of the teachers for as long as I can remember. As for now, having my mom at work has many positives. For one, it gives me opportunity to not have to wait to go home, and to talk to my mom when I need support or help. She also has snacks and supplies in her office which is always good.

We asked Jack’s mom, Claire, to tell us something about Jack that his friends and classmate may not already know about him.

I am sure a lot of people know that Jack is the funniest kid around. His sense of humor can sometimes ride that line with his Dad and me, but I can tell you that he brings loads of laughs to our home. He has introduced me to some great comedians, and we enjoy watching these specials on Netflix and Comedy Central together. He also has the memory of an elephant. Jack remembers everything. His quest for random knowledge is quite endearing. I expect that we will see him on
As a mom, I am always pleased that he takes the trash out without being asked. To me, this is a sign that he is somewhat self-directed and will eventually be able to move out of my house. He even does his own laundry…but his room is still a mess so we aren’t quite there yet. 🙂