Aug 11

Student Spotlight – Jacquelyn Knobelsdorf


Loves about Brebeuf:

I love the school-wide sense of community. When I visited Brebeuf as a prospective student, I immediately felt that I was already a part of the community because everyone made me feel so welcome. Since coming to Brebeuf, I have witnessed an overwhelming sense of support among students and faculty members. From celebrating achievements to mourning losses, everyone is always there to support each other, regardless of the differences in their personalities, interests, or beliefs. I love how dedicated teachers and faculty members are to the students as well. They encourage students to come in, ask for help, and establish relationships with them. I love that I know there are amazing students and teachers here at Brebeuf who are always willing to help you achieve your goals, to push you to be the best that you can be, and to encourage you to be yourself.

Favorite Class: 

My favorite academic class was Honors Precalculus / AP Calculus A with Mr. Elliott. We all got along with each other extremely well and really bonded as a group. We would always joke around in class and have fun while still learning. I loved the dynamic of the class and enjoyed being in it every day. My favorite elective class is, without a doubt, Orchestra with Mr. Hoernemann. It’s so nice to be able to integrate all four grades in one collaborative environment and we are all friends with each other. It’s the best way to end each and every school day because we get to relax, do something we enjoy (play music) and see Mr. Hoernemann, who is one of the best people in the world! He is always so kind, fun, and understanding; every day when you come into the rehearsal room, he is standing there greeting everyone with a huge smile. His excitement and happiness makes us even happier to come to class and end our days together.

Future Plans:

I plan to study science, most likely chemistry or biochemistry, in college followed by going to medical school. I’m not completely sure about what kind of doctor I want to be, but a few options are a pediatrician, oncologist, clinical trial physician, or a physician for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Another career option is being a medical research scientist to still be a part of the medical field and help patients.

Teams & Co-Curriculars:

Pianist and featured soloist in Camerata Orchestra
Ignatian Scholar
Admissions Ambassador
Co-Founder and Co-President of Math Club
National Honor Society
Competitive and performance piano (11 years and counting!!)
Chemistry Olympiad
Volunteering through School On Wheels

Random Fact:

I am double-jointed in all of my fingers and it freaks a lot of people out.

Is Brebeuf as academically rigorous as they say?

I think Brebeuf is definitely as academically rigorous as they say, but it depends on the classes that you take. I have always had multiple honors or AP courses in my schedules, so it takes a lot of hard work, determination, and self-motivation. No matter how challenging your classes may be, teachers and fellow students are more than willing to help you if you ever struggle with anything. Teachers are very open and welcoming, so it doesn’t get intimidating to ask a question. They are also very understanding, so as long as you reach out and ask for help, they will help as much as they can to make things better for you.

Would you rather… 

Have the ability to fly or be in invisible?

I would rather have the ability to fly because then I could travel wherever I wanted to go and experience so many cultures for free.

Play a superhero or villain on a TV Show?

I would rather play a superhero because I love to help people and to be the best I can be, so as a superhero I would kick butt and save people.

Win an Academy Award or Olympic Gold Medal?

I would rather win an Olympic Gold Medal because being able to represent the United States and seeing the flag raise while the National Anthem plays would be an incredibly fulfilling and proud moment. Also, I am actually obsessed with the Olympics and so many athletes on Team USA, so winning a Gold Medal would put me on the podium that all of my favorite athletes have been on. Joining the ranks of my favorite athletes would be the ultimate fan girl moment.

Live life as a dog or cat?

I would rather live as a cat because cats are so relaxed. I could just sleep and eat every day. Also, my family spoils our cat so it would be nice to live like that.

Win the lottery or live twice as long?

I would rather win the lottery because I could donate to charities, help people in need, and take care of my family. Plus, if I lived twice as long, all of my friends and family would be gone and it would be so lonely.