May 12

Student Spotlight – Kierstin Rose ’17

Loves About Brebeuf 

I love how everyone is free to truly be themselves. In other schools I know there is this pressure to fit in and hide what makes you unique, but Brebeuf encourages students to embrace their individuality. Brebeuf has taught me to stay true to myself and my morals and not change them because others want me too.

Favorite Class

My favorite class is English 12 with Mrs. Freehauf. We have many thought-provoking discussions that are relevant to current events. Most of the writing assignments that we have had in class have been on topics that the students want to talk about. It gets us more excited to write a good piece of work and share it with the class. She’s also a very kind teacher that truly cares about her students and that makes learning in her class easier.

Future Plans

I will be attending Albion College next year and I plan on majoring in biology. I also will be playing lacrosse during my years there.

Teams & Co-Curriculars

Students Against Human Trafficking Club
Black Student Union 

Random Facts

My favorite TV shows are Mysteries at the Museum and Rick and Morty.

I have spent 628 hours playing The Sims 4.

I do not like breakfast foods.

What has been your favorite Brebeuf experience or most memorable moment so far?

With the help of Madame Martin, I was able to travel to Toulouse, France for the exchange program last year. It was my first time going out of state and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I attended school with the French students and we were able to go on amazing field trips to neighboring cities. I saw beautiful sights and got to experience a culture that was different than my own.

As a senior, what advice do you have for all the new Braves in the Class of 2021?

My biggest piece of advice would be take advantage of your PRTs and see your teachers. Even if you don’t need help, going to talk to them can help you have a better relationship with them and could lead to your class being more fun.

How did you get into The Sims 4?  

I was watching the podcast for the game back when it was first coming out, and there was a lot of hype behind it from players from the previous game. When it was released I decided to get it to see if it was as good as they said it was and I’ve been playing it ever since.