Aug 18

Student Spotlight – Kourtney Kinchen ’17

K.Kinchen Student SpotlightLoves about Brebeuf:

I love the academic rigor and community service focus of Brebeuf Jesuit. Coming from Sycamore School, we were pretty challenged so I was expecting a rigorous amount of courses in high school but I did not think they would be as hard as they have been.

The opportunity to get to know teachers and forming relations with others has been really important during my time at Brebeuf Jesuit. Last year I really opened up especially through community service. My volunteer work has made me realize who I am and what is important to me and what I want to do in the future.

Favorite Class: 

My favorite classes are Spanish and English. Specially Dr. Sperry and AP English Language. I have also really enjoyed Spanish class with Sra. Beck for two of my three years of world language classes. The classes have been interesting and challenging but getting to know my teachers and forming bonds with them has been really special.

Future Plans:

I would like to major in psychology at either Georgetown University of the University of Notre Dame. I plan to become a family lawyer or civil rights lawyer, and I want to open my own law firm. My experiences volunteering have really helped me learn more about what I want to do in the future. Two of the places I volunteer are law-related organizations and one is an English as a second language program. Being able to use Spanish and connect through language with different clients has really helped me form relationships that have led me to a more personal field of law. I hope that throughout my life I maintain an active role in the community.

Teams & Co-Curriculars: 

Co-President of Black Student Union
National Honor Society
Past Member of Speech and Debate
Volunteer at four organizations- Dayspring, Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, Reach for Youth (Teen Member of the Board), and Washington Township English as a Second Language Program

Random Fact:

I have five food allergies!

Is Brebeuf as academically rigorous as they say?

I think is it as academically rigorous as they say. I’ve taken honors and AP classes at Brebeuf Jesuit and I was prepared to go into high school taking these classes but did not realize how much material you have to learn and then get tested on. Teachers really expect you to know how to manage time in any class not just an honors or AP class. The materials and time management in all classes helps you build your work ethic and character. It is meant to be positive to help you.

Would you rather… 

Eat ice cream or pizza as the only food for the rest of your life?

I would rather eat pizza because I more of a savory over sweet person. Plus there are lots of different things you can put on a pizza and with food allergies it is easier to have pizza.

Play a superhero or villain on a TV Show?

I would rather play a villain because everyone knows the villain and loves to hate the villain. If you are not actually like the villain in real life then it is a cool contrast from the character to your true personality.

Win an Academy Award or Olympic Gold Medal?

I would rather win an Olympic Gold medal. I do not like acting and I do not really do sports either but I could see myself winning a gold in gymnastics or track. Plus I think you would be better known internationally and would be a symbol for your country as an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Live in Antarctica or the Sahara Desert?

I would rather live in Antarctica because I would rather cold than warm. Being hot is unbearable but when you are cold you can add layers.

Be stuck on a train or plane for 24 hours?

I would rather be stuck on a train because flying is okay but I like being grounded than being up in the air.