Sep 1

Student Spotlight – Madeline Everhart ’17

Loves about Brebeuf: Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 5.44.20 PM

I love that Brebeuf encourages you to think deeper and teach us that we are interdependent. I love the teachers at Brebeuf – they want you to succeed and they want to get to know you. I love that I am treated like an adult here, because that fosters accountability for all students at Brebeuf.

Favorite Class:

Right now, my favorite class is World Religions with Mr. Mensel. There are just so many I could name, but I love that class. We discussed the purpose of the course in class and how it relates to all of the religious conflict in the world. It helps to provide an accepting perspective in a way that other classes do not, or in ways we might not otherwise think about.

Future Plans:

I do not know where I am attending college yet. I would like to study international studies and pre-med. My hope is to join the Jesuit Volunteer Corps before graduate school. After that, it is up to fate.

Teams & Co-Curriculars:

Girls Lacrosse (Captain, Junior year)
Co-President of SALT
Presidential Ambassador
Admissions Ambassador
Social Justice Club
Tatum’s Bags of Fun

Random Fact:

In third grade, I went to one of Hillary Clinton’s speeches. When I stuck out my hand to meet her, she said, “Hi, what’s your name.” I responded, “Hi, I am Madeline, what’s yours.” With surprise on her face, she responded, “Uhhh, Hillary.” She then walked away.

Is Brebeuf as academically rigorous as they say?

I would definitely agree that Brebeuf is as academically rigiorious as they say; however, I think that the rigor lies in our curriculum focusing on our growth in all academic fields. Brebeuf focuses on a holisitic education, which is one of my favorite parts about the school. In part of our holistic education, we as students are motivated to not only cultivate our strong suits, but focus on our weak subjects too – in my case, math. By not relying on our strengths, we grow into students that can form thought and have insight in all subjects.

Would you rather…

Eat ice cream or pizza as the only food for the rest of your life?
Pizza, because of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That is all I have to say about that.

Be stuck on a broken ski lift or broken elevator?
Broken ski lift – because of the views.

Would you rather spend one year sailing around the world or living in the heart of London?
One year sailing around the world, because I would be able to see more places and meet more people.

Live in Antarctica or the Sahara Desert?
Antarctica, so I can build snowmen and live in an igloo.

Be known for a one-hit wonder for a novel or a song?
A novel, because I respect writers a great deal, and to be able to put my name in history in that way would be very cool.