Mar 16

Student Spotlight – Mark Niednagel ’17

Loves About Brebeuf

I love Brebeuf’s community. Students can easily build friendships with their peers and teachers. I was one of only two students who came to Brebeuf from my large middle school. Not knowing very many people was frightening, but I could tell right when I walked in the doors that I was welcome. I believe this sense of community is what makes Brebeuf such a comfortable learning environment for myself and many others.

Favorite Class

I have had many enjoyable classes, but my favorite would have to be Economics with Mr. Mayer. I enjoyed the material and the engaging way he taught. I had Mr. Mayer last semester with a few friends and it was one of the classes that I looked forward to daily. There was not a day that went by in that class without some jokes and a good laugh.

Future Plans

I will be attending Purdue University next year and plan to study business. I am going to major in marketing management and minor in unmanned aerial systems. I hope to be a marketing manager for a technology company and maybe one day have my own firm. 

Teams & Co-Curriculars

Cross Country
Track and Field
Volunteering at Circle City Relief
Tenor Saxophone in Wind Ensemble  

Random Facts 

I am a summer camp counselor at Waycross (the same place Brebeuf holds its retreats).

I take aerial photos both commercially and for recreation.

My family and I go on a week-long camping trip every year.

What has been your favorite Brebeuf experience or most memorable moment so far?

Prom was definitely one of my most memorable Brebeuf experiences. My group all went out for photos and dinner before, and then took a limo to prom and enjoyed the games and snacks. After we were finished at prom, our group attended after-prom where we got to have caricatures drawn and just run around having a good time. I hope this year’s prom and after-prom are just as fun.

What has the experience of being a camp counselor at Waycross been like?    

This coming summer will be my first full summer on staff. Last summer, I was a counselor-in-training where I stayed in a cabin with six kids and two other counselors. I absolutely loved getting to lead the kids through the same camp experiences that I went through when I went to camp. Being a counselor is one of the most satisfying experiences. The campers always have fun new perspectives on life and keep every day new and interesting.