Sep 8

Student Spotlight – Miles Sweeney ’17

Loves about Brebeuf:

I love that Brebeuf is an environment that nourishes growth in all areas of life, especiallymiles-sweeney academically and spiritually. Brebeuf makes it possible for students to find their calling in life. Also, it encourages students to try new things, expand their horizons, and consider viewpoints other than their own. The support system here is great as well. If I need help, I don’t need to go far to find it. With all of these aspects of Brebeuf, I feel prepared not only for college, but life after college as well.

Favorite Class:

My all-time favorite class was English 10 Honors with Ms. Moore. The subject matter of the course was American literature, which in itself is interesting, but Ms. Moore added her own insight to the information being taught. Ms. Moore’s passion for literature really stood out through this class, and it was clear that she was devoted to our learning experience. This made the class both more fun and educational, and is easily one of my favorite Brebeuf experiences.

Future Plans:

I plan to go to USC or UC Santa Barbara for college and major in accounting or economics. After that, I hope to go to law school and live somewhere it never snows.

Teams & Co-Curriculars:

Flute player in the Brebeuf Band and Orchestra
National Honor Society Member
Cross Country
Co-President of the Muslim Student Union
Co-President of the Gay-Straight Alliance

Random Fact:

I have attended Culver Summer Naval School for 6 weeks every summer.

Is Brebeuf as academically rigorous as they say?

Brebeuf is definitely as academically rigorous as they say. This is not to say that the classes are impossible or that there is too much material presented. It is rigorous in that the scope of information provided through Brebeuf’s classes is all-encompassing in the subject area being taught. Every class makes sure that students are fully educated on each topic being covered. A great example of this is in any of the science classes. Not only do we learn material in the classroom, but we also apply it to the real world through labs. This challenges students to apply their knowledge both in and outside the classroom, which, in my opinion, is what defines the rigor of a school.

Would you rather… 

Eat ice cream or pizza as the only food for the rest of your life?

Definitely pizza, because there is so much diversity in how pizza is made.

Be stuck on a broken ski lift or broken elevator?

I would rather be stuck on a broken ski lift, because I will be able to get help from someone who can see me from the slopes, and will feel more inclined to talk to whoever is with me because we will be closer to each other.

Would you rather spend one year sailing around the world or living in the heart of London?

I would rather sail around the world, because I love sailing and wish I could do it more. It would also be a great way to travel to many different places, not just London.

Live in Antarctica or the Sahara Desert?

I would rather live in the Sahara Desert because I find the cultures of Africa very interesting and like high temperatures.

Be known as a one-hit wonder for a novel or a song?

I would rather be a one-hit wonder for a song because love listening to music, and people tend to remember one-hit wonder songs better than books. However, if my novel were to reach fame similar to Harper Lee’sTo Kill a Mockingbird, with merits in both literature and activist communities, I would rather write a one-hit wonder novel.