Loves About Brebeuf

I love the people of Brebeuf because everyone, whether it be a teacher, faculty member, or student, is caring, understanding, and open to learning about and understanding new perspectives. I feel like every student at Brebeuf is there because they want to better themselves by getting an amazing education and surrounding themselves with people who will challenge them to learn and grow. The senior privileges are also a great bonus.

Future Plans

I’m not sure where I will be attending college, and I’m still anxiously waiting on most of my admissions decisions. I think I might want to study psychology during my undergrad, but there is a good chance that I’ll go into my first year with an undecided major and see what I’m interested in after taking core-type classes. After college, I’d love to go to law school, and I currently want to work for the FBI.

Favorite Class

My favorite class by far is Chamber Orchestra with Mr. Lee, since it’s a fun combination of playing challenging music and spending time with some of my favorite people at Brebeuf. If I had to pick a more academic class, I would say AP Psych with Mr. Petty because it was what originally peaked my interest in psychology, and I feel like I learned a lot about a wide range of topics in that class.

Teams & Co-Curriculars

I played three years of varsity volleyball, spent some time throwing with the track team, and I’m a member of NHS and STRAP. I’m looking to play another sport this spring, although I don’t know which one yet.

Random Fact

  • I’m not quite sure why, but I don’t have much cartilage in my nose and it is very squishy.
  • I work as a day camp counselor at CYO Camp Rancho Framasa during the summer.
  • Since kindergarten, I have attended seven schools (including Brebeuf).
  • My favorite Broadway musicals are RENT, Phantom of the Opera, and Hamilton.

What is your current favorite show or series on tv, Netflix, etc?

My current favorite show is the most recent season of American Horror Storythat just finished. Some of my other favorites include Criminal Minds, NCIS, and Designated Survivor. (I haven’t finished the last one yet, so I hope no one spoils it for me).

What is the silliest/most irrational fear you have?

My most irrational fear is probably getting a JUG from the librarians. I had a dream recently where I got a legendary and nonexistent “Super JUG” for feeding the chickens in the chicken coop that we don’t have, and I’ve been wary of JUGs and the library ever since.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

If I could eat one food for the rest of my life (assuming I wouldn’t face any adverse consequences like malnutrition), I would probably eat sourdough toast from Patachou, since that stuff is AMAZING.

If you had intro music, what song would it be?

If I had intro music I think I would want it to be the Wii theme. It’s entertaining, relevant, and the perfect combination of annoyance and musical genius.

Any Thanksgiving Break plans?

I’ll be spending Thanksgiving Break eating two big meals with both sides of my family, and then I’m working the closing shift at Urban Outfitters on Black Friday. I’m definitely looking forward to the food, but I’m not looking forward to work.