Loves About Brebeuf

I love that Brebeuf has provided not only countless academic opportunities, but it also has given me some of my most meaningful relationships. I have found so many friendships because of Brebeuf that have allowed me to grow and change. Nearly everyone I have met at Brebeuf, both students and faculty, have demonstrated a genuine care for each other, and I think that is incredibly unique. That love and support makes me so grateful that I am able to be at Brebeuf.

Future Plans

Right now, I plan on studying biomedical engineering, hopefully at Purdue. Then, I’m planning on moving on to medical school. I’ve wanted to be a cardiologist for a little while now, but that might change.

Teams & Co-Curriculars

Band Leadership Team
Key Club
Conservation Club
Timmy Global Health Club
National Honor Society

Random Fact(s)

I am double jointed in my fingers.
I watch Jeopardy almost every night.
I don’t have a middle name.
I color code all of my classes.

What is your current favorite show or series on TV, Netflix, etc?

New Girl. I just finished the last season and I’m very sad that it’s over, but they wrapped it up well. Parks and Recreaction is also amazing, and I could watch reruns of that show for hours.

Where would you travel if time and money weren’t an issue?

Somewhere in Africa. My mother spent some of her childhood in Africa due to her father’s job, and she has told me about how pretty the stars are at night, and I would love to see it for myself.

What is your silliest or most irrational fear?

Spiders. I know they’re tiny, and they probably can’t hurt me, but they absolutely terrify me. I’ve only killed one once, and it was the worst experience of my life.

What is something you have learned in the last week?

A lot of people will believe that cut up marshmallow is white asparagus.

What did you do over Fall Break?

Mostly just worked on my college applications. I also worked a bit at Vanilla Bean Bakery, and read a couple of books so that I wouldn’t get too overwhelmed by all of the applications.

What are some small things that make your day better?

My dog Jack.
A really good book.
Singing along to my favorite songs when I’m driving.
When someone tells me about something that makes them really happy and their face lights up.
When people smile and say hi to me in the halls.

Have you ever thought about how the plot of a movie could be completely different by changing one letter in its title?  For example, by changing a letter in “Star Wars”, the movie could be “Stat Wars.” What is “Stat Wars” the movie about?

In my mind, “Stat Wars” is a comedy about two statisticians who are competing for some job promotion. One tries to get the other to fail, and hijinks ensue.