Mar 31

Student Spotlight – Pilar Sasso ’17

Loves About Brebeuf

What I love most about Brebeuf is the connections it allows me to make. I love being able to have positive relationships with not only my peers but also my teachers. Brebeuf has taught me to be open to forming unique bonds with many different people coming from many different backgrounds. I believe that this is possible because of the freedom Brebeuf gives each student. With this freedom, we are able to grow as individuals.

Favorite Class

My favorite class so far has been Calculus AB with Mr. Kelaghan. This has been my favorite class at Brebeuf because Mr. Kelaghan puts in time for each student. For example, when my class is struggling, he comes in on Sundays for a review session and further explanation. Calculus is my favorite class because he makes sure I understand the material fully which makes it fun.

Future Plans

I will be attending Indiana University next year. I am still undecided but I am thinking about majoring in marketing.

Teams & Co-Curriculars

Cross Country
National Honors Society
Admission Ambassador
Joy’s House Volunteer 

Random Facts 

My name is an anagram of my mom’s name (April).

What has been your favorite Brebeuf experience or most memorable moment so far?

My favorite experience at Brebeuf so far was when both my sister and I were attending Brebeuf at the same time. I loved seeing their faces in the hallways and being friends with upperclassmen. Having both of them there at the same time made my transition to Brebeuf very easy. My most memorable memory with both of them at Brebeuf has to be when my oldest sister would bring me lunch and all my friends and her friends would sit together and eat. This made me feel so comfortable in the Brebeuf community.

Any big spring break plans? 

For Spring Break, my mom, dad, and I are going to Cancun, Mexico. I am taking my friend Emma with me and we are both very excited. I can’t wait to be in on the beach in warm weather! 

As a senior, what advice do you have for all the new Braves in the Class of 2021?

The most important advice I would give to all the new Braves is to study hard. It is hard to stay focused during PRTs and breaks but it is extremely important to get ahead when you can. This allows you to be able to talk to your teachers and get help when you need it. Having a good balance between work and play can be tricky but it’s so important!