Jan 22

Student Spotlight – Rishi Patel ’18

Loves About Brebeuf

I love the faculty and staff at Brebeuf. One aspect of Brebeuf I admire is the community because of its welcoming and family environment. In addition, the teachers go out of their way in order to help when it comes to homework, test preparation, and guidance to opportunities outside of the classroom. Lastly, I love retreat programs and I would recommend anyone to attend if possible because they are opportunities to explore yourself and who you are.

Favorite Class

I enjoy every class at Brebeuf, but if I had to pick a few, some of my favorite classes include Chemistry (Mrs. Esteb), Calculus AB (Mr. Kelaghan), Honors Anatomy & Physiology (Mrs. McCarter), Social Justice (Mr. Connelly), and Camerata Orchestra (Mr. Lee).

Future Plans

I have applied to Indiana University Bloomington and Purdue University in order to pursue a pre-med track. At Indiana University, I am looking to major in Informatics (Cognate: Biology). My other option is at Purdue, which is majoring in Health Sciences Pre-Professional. Both majors give me an opportunity to pursue the field of medicine. I aspire to be a physician. I am in the process of getting interviewed at other colleges as well. In a short time, I’ll make my decision regarding the college/university I intend to enroll in.

Teams & Co-Curriculars

Founder & President of Intramural Soccer
Co-leader at Pre-med Club
Admissions & Presidential Ambassador
Violin player – Brebeuf Orchestra
Volunteering for adaptive individuals at Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation
Team leader at Carmel Dad’s Soccer
National Honor Society

Random Fact(s)

My parents mentioned to me a few times that when I was a baby, both of my ears would turn red for a few seconds before I started crying.

What is your current favorite show or series on tv, Netflix, etc?

I tend to limit my tv screen time, but two shows I often watch during my dinner time include Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go and why?

If I can travel anywhere, I would choose Costa Rica. I am amazed by the biodiversity and beautiful nature that is showcased such as colorful birds and various types of forests (e.g. rainforest and cloud forest) each showcasing different species of plants and trees. In addition, Costa Rica gives me an opportunity to use the Spanish I have learned in the classroom to interact with local people and gain new perspectives.

You are now in your final semester at Brebeuf Jesuit.  Has it sunk in yet?

At this moment, it has not sunk in yet. I have been focusing on academics and co-curriculars one day at a time and making the most of every day that is given to interact with fellow teachers, staff, classmates, and administration. I am a firm believer of living in the present.