Loves About Brebeuf

What isn’t there to love about Brebeuf? The incredibly open and accepting atmosphere, the extreme flexibility you have in making your schedule, the accessibility to talk to your teachers and the countless opportunities to travel abroad and to become a man or woman for others. Additionally, I love how you are able to discover new interests through the freedom you get in choosing your classes.

Future Plans

I have no idea where I am going to college, however, my top choice is Villanova University. Wherever I end up, I hope to study Psychology.

Favorite Class

There is a tie for my favorite class. It is between AP Psychology with Mr. Petty and Anatomy with Mrs. McCarter.

Teams & Co-Curriculars

  • Varsity Girl’s Lacrosse
  • Volunteer at the O’Connor House
  • Volunteer at the Indiana Ballet Conservatory
  • Went to Hawaii to study Marine Biology over the summer of 2017

Random Facts

  • I don’t like chocolate
  • I have broken both arms twice
  • My sister is dancing at the Royal Ballet School in London
  • My favorite animal is a sea turtle (use reusable straws!)
  • English was not my first language (French was)
  • I did not take an English class until 7th grade

What is your current favorite show or series on tv, Netflix, etc?

I am currently watching Criminal Minds for the second time on Netflix, however, my favorite show is American Horror Story.

What is the silliest/most irrational fear you have?

I am terrified of sharks. It is an extremely irrational fear, however, after watching Soul Surfer I have always had this fear.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be Thai food. Although I’ve never been to Thailand, I love Thai food.