May 16

The Inside Scoop: High School Mentoring

Alex Potts, a graduating senior and soon-to-be University of Notre Dame student, has created a business titled The Inside Scoop: High School Mentoring. This business’s main goal is to help incoming freshmen have a smooth transition into high school. This is achieved by his business in two ways.

The first is by facilitating three separate hour-long sessions in which the incoming freshman will get to sit down one-on-one with a rising junior staff member from the same school they plan to attend. Each incoming freshman will be able to select their rising junior mentor from the company’s staff. The first meeting will focus on how to succeed academically in high school, the second meeting will focus on how to succeed socially, and the third meeting will focus on making a personalized plan for the client to succeed in all aspects of their high school career. These three meetings allow for students to feel prepared and unstressed for the first day of high school and have a more successful, enjoyable high school experience.

The second is by developing strong relationships between clients and mentors. Alex’s business is designed to increase preparedness of soon-to-be freshman students, but it is also aimed at creating personal relationships between freshman clients and junior staff members. The staff member will become a mentor to their client for the rest of their high school career. They will even send a text of encouragement to their clients on the dreaded first day of high school, check up on them on a regular basis, and be available for questions and advice. These staff members are there to make sure things go right throughout their client’s high school career.

In addition to working with incoming freshman clients, Alex’s business offers its services to 7th and 8th grade students still searching for their prospective high school. The Inside Scoop allows middle school students to meet with rising junior staff members in a comfortable setting to discuss the high school decision making process.The selected staff member will sit down with the middle school client and tell them everything there is to know about their high school. This allows for middle school clients to get a current student’s perspective on their school, and to see if that school is the right fit for them.

Potts says, “Starting high school on the right foot is everything. I created this program because I wish there had been a program out there like this for me when I was an incoming freshman at Brebeuf. It would have benefitted me immensely.”

Learn more at The Inside Scoops webpage by clicking here.

If interested in booking sessions follow these easy steps

  1. Go to your school’s page and review the junior staff mentors. After reading about them, choose who your child would like to be paired with.
  2. Click “Book Online Now.”
  3. Select on your school’s name.
  4. Click “Book Now.”
  5. Click on the top right corner of the calendar that says “All Staff” and scroll down to the name of your desired mentor.
  6. Then select dates and times that this mentor can meet with your child.
  7. Proceed to checkout.