“The only way to seize an opportunity is to be prepared when it comes. Furthering your education is important, but you must also surround yourself with leaders who want to invest in your professional and personal growth by sharing their experiences. So, do your best in school, surround yourself with positive people who challenge your thoughts and find a couple mentors to build your knowledge base.” – Evan Bedel, Class of 2001

Mentoring the Next Generation of Braves

You’ve heard it before – Brebeuf Jesuit forms “Men and Women For Others.” Though, admittedly, every time that motto is seen in action there is a new sense of pride felt by the Brebeuf teachers, coaches and administrators. It is pride in knowing that one of our students is out in the world striving to make it a better place.

Evan Bedel, class of 2001, has continued to personify Brebeuf’s motto in all he does. Evan is the owner of Bedel Financial, a financial planning company. In addition to owning a running a lucrative business, Evan has served on the Alumni Board of Directors for over five years, serving as the Board’s president from 2017-2018. Additionally, he worked hand-in-hand with the school’s administration to build the St. Ignatius Scholarship, helping to fund books and lunches for some of Brebeuf’s most disadvantaged students.

Most recently, Evan served as a mentor to Max Moroknek, who graduated from Brebeuf just last spring. During their time together, Max was able to gain insight into the world of business and entrepreneurship from a fellow Brave. Following Max’s graduation, Evan penned a blog post discussing his past experience as a mentee and how that shaped his time mentoring Max.

Evan’s article, titled “The Importance of Mentoring,” discusses the three key factors that are the foundation of mentorship – Learn, Earn and Return.

“By enhancing the learning curve and professional knowledge of young students, mentors give them the opportunity to grow faster and keep up the tradition of mentorship begun generations ago.”

Giving back to the next generation is a hallmark of being a man or woman for others. It is clear that Evan was enriched serving as a mentor, and we are eager to see how Max will use the insight gleamed from his time with Evan throughout college and his professional endeavors.

Read Evan’s Full Blog Post Here

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