“I see you as a friend more than as a teacher, and I’m so fortunate to know you. Thank you…for teaching me how to use my paint pallet to decorate the world with a creative mind, a whimsical humor and a care for others.”  – Emma Mazurek ’18 in a letter to Tim Kelaghan, Retired Mathematics Teacher

The distinctive nature of Brebeuf Jesuit teachers guide and shape our students in immeasurable ways. From their vast experience, incredible knowledge of the subjects they teach, passion for their craft, and embodiment of the school’s mission, our teachers are the hallmark of a Brebeuf education.

What makes the teaching faculty at Brebeuf Jesuit stand out?

  • 80% of our teaching faculty have a master’s degree or higher (this is nearly double the national average for private schools according to the National Center for Education Statistics).
  • They approach each lesson with a global, current perspective, which challenges students to consider how they will commit themselves to the service of others.
  • They continually strive to better themselves with 68% of faculty members attending at least one, if not multiple conferences or professional development opportunities outside the classroom in 2017-2018.
  • They take time out of their personal lives to coach, sponsor clubs and attend student retreats.
  • They push their students to be the best they can be, demonstrated by a 100% graduation and college placement rate, millions of dollars in college scholarship offered, hundreds of college letters of recommendation written and much, much more.

And while the numbers speak for themselves, it’s the relationship with their students that defines what it means to be a teacher at Brebeuf Jesuit.


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